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 Rental Policies and Procedures


Welcome to the newly refurbished Ashley County Museum.  We are very proud of our facility and hope we can help your special event be memorable.


The Ashley County Museum is first and foremost a museum for the preservation and collection of relevant Ashley County artifacts.  Our first responsibility therefore is to our treasures and collections which includes this wonderful piece of architecture, the Watson House.  The rental of this facility may in no way interfere with public visitation or our exhibits.  
Effective: First of May 2016 our prices have increased slightly to help with the museum's lawn, electricity, and other necessary 
We are a non-profit organizations and all donations are welcomed.  


Rental Fees for the Museum and Grounds:


Weddings:    $500 plus $100 deposit

Two-Day wedding rental:  $700 plus $100 deposit

(Set up and clean up must be accomplished within the contracted rental date.  No early or late access allowed.)


Other  Functions: Meetings, dinner parties reunions or get together (a maximum of 4 hours), any hours over the maximum will be charged hourly of $25.00.

Monday through Sunday:  $150 plus $100 deposit


A $100 security deposit MUST be received two weeks before the event to hold a certain date.  The Ashley County Museum will charge an additional $100 fee for a facility coordinator to oversee the property for each event.


Rental Fees for Small Meetings or Showers:


$150, with the understanding that there will be fewer than 30 people and be utilized less than 4 hours.  A $100 deposit is required and the Ashley County Historical Society Board of Directors reserves the right to decide to rent this facility.


Ashley County Historical Society member discount

Anyone who has been an Ashley County Historical Society member for 6 months or longer, and has attended 50% of the regularly scheduled meetings in that time, is entitled to a 20% discount on all rental rates.

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is permitted free of charge on the grounds of the Ashley County Museum.  It is requested that the photographer coordinate with the Museum staff prior to the photo session.


Portrait photography inside the Ashley County Museum is available at a charge of $75.  Again, photographers must call ahead to schedule times.  There is no charge for portraits taken inside the museum for those renting the facility for a related event.



Facility renters are responsible to ensure that their guests, attendees and work staff display proper respect of Museum property, furnishings and landscaping.  That respect should also extend to our neighbors and their property.


Smoking is allowed only in designated smoking areas, which is under the carriage house awning.  Dispose of cigarette butts in appropriate receptacles.



Alcohol should only be served in a responsible manner.  (No underage drinking.)  Champagne fountains, a bar, or kegs may be set up inside the Museum in the Den/Kitchen area.  (Be aware that Hamburg has an ordinance regarding drinking in public.  Ask about it if you are concerned.)



Flower arrangements may be created for any area inside or outside the Museum.  The use of staples or nails is strictly prohibited.  Live plants rented for use on the grounds must be left outside until picked up.  Our archival policy prohibits the use of live plants or burning candles inside the Museum, due to the hazards to our facility and exhibits posed by insect infestation and fire hazard.  (Limited candle usage will be allowed during a wedding ceremony.)



Small ensembles are permitted to play inside the Museum; however, amplified music and group dancing are not permitted in the house.  Outside bands, disc jockeys, amplified music and dancing are permitted, but all music must cease by 11:00 PM, since we are located in a residential area.



Avoid parking on lawns and brickwork.


All events end by midnight with all items removed that night.

Contact the Scheduling Secretary to book an event or to check availability.  870-853-2244 


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