Ashley County Museum

Mission and Membership

The primary mission of the Ashley County Historical Society is to establish and maintain the Ashley County Museum. Toward that goal, the Society promotes, encourages, and fosters a familiarity with and interest in the history and historical background of Ashley County, Arkansas. The Society endeavors to discover, preserve, protect and display objects, works of art and other artifacts, documents, publications and records significant in the history of  Ashley County and its environs.
The Society also encourages and assists in educational research and study of the history of the United States and the State of Arkansas relevant to the establishment and development of Ashley County.  An Acquisition Committee ensures that all objects donated and displayed in the museum are relative to Ashley County and meet the needs of the museum's current exhibits and display space.

How You Can Help 

Operation of the Museum is supported by membership in the Ashley County Historical Society. Membership is open to everyone.

Annual Membership Dues

Individual Membership...........$25
Family Membership................$40

Bronze Membership................$100
Silver Membership...................$250
Gold Membership.....................$500

"Friend of the Museum" membership......$25 
(Lives outside of Ashley County with no Voting Privileges)

Any persons wishing to donate articles or artifacts to the Museum should contact the Acquisition Committee. The Acquisition Committee ensures that all objects donated and displayed in the museum are relative to Ashley County and meet the needs of the Museum's current exhibits and display space.

The Society gladly welcomes all monetary contributions, memorials and bequests. The Ashley County Historical Society is a non-profit organization; therefore, donations may be tax deductible.

The Museum functions to improve the Ashley County Historical Society's ability to preserve and present Ashley County History.  There are always projects in need of support.  

The current "Wish List" includes:
Furniture for the Veranda
Handrails for the Veranda Steps
Climate Control for the Carriage House
Repair and Care for the Carriages
Digital Archival of Artifacts
Items of Interest Currently in the Museum:

Several pieces of fine period furniture are housed and showcased in the museum, including a "Parlor" Grand Piano made in the 1860s, arriving in Ashley County by wagon in the 1890s.   Pump organs, melodeons, and music boxes are among other musical instruments to be seen. On display is a Half-Testor bed made of walnut, which belonged to Dr. Holliday, a prominent medical doctor in the town of Parkdale, Arkansas. (In Ashley County).  The bed was made
 circa 1880. 
 .There are many Indian Artifacts of Prehistory in Ashley County, collected and shared by local "amateur" archeologists.  There is also a collection of paintings by local artists.

The museum proudly displays the Erskine Harriman collection of horse-drawn vehicles with tack and harnesses.  This collection includes carriages, surreys, sleighs, and wagons.  It is housed in a separate building on the premises.

Quilts and other Ashley County handwork have places of honor and respect within the museum.  Many articles of period clothing, including hats, shoes, dresses, and accessories are part of the history of Ashley County.  

The museum also has an archive room with a collection of records, books, pictures and newspapers.  These resources depict the lives of the people of Ashley County.  The public is welcome to utilize these resources for research.

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